Open World Sandbox Type Thing

Defeating the Highborn

To the party’s dismay, Dara Gwenn quickly succumbed to filth fever, transmitted to her through a rat bite. After debating what to do, the group decided to conquer the tower and come back to bury her. Before leaving, Malouris bent down and fed on Dara Gwenn, contracting the filth fever.

The party moved through the room and down a hallway with a fork in it. They took the path that went straight forward and came across a door that was slightly ajar. Looking through the door, the party saw several impish creatures that emanated red light from their bodies. After the party made some slight noises, the imps turned their attention toward the door, but did not investigate the sounds. Not wanting to risk confrontation, the party went back and took the other path. At the end of the other path was a locked door (made of birch). After trying to pick the lock and failing, the travellers decided to go back and deal with the imps.

Erak entered the imp room and took meat out of his pack and threw it on the floor in the middle of all the creatures. The group hustled through the room and successfully picked the lock on a door leading out of it. Erak threw more meat at the imps and the party left the room.

At the end of the hallway was another fork. The party went to the right and up to a door. After failing another lockpick, Balasar rammed down the door. The room appeared to have nothing in it at first. Erak picked up a large door splinter and headed off to the other side of the room. When he got to the middle of the room, two large scythes came down from the ceiling and tore at him. Dawkrah quickly rushed in the room and pushed Erak out of the way of the scythes. The party noticed that there was a note on the wall as well as a strange compartment in the wall. Malouris went to read the note and told the party that it mentioned a lost invisibility cloak. Balasar went to the compartment and saw that there was a switch, but it was broken. Seeing no other options, Erak destroyed one of the scythes by slamming it with the door splinter. The party then took that scythe and tore the other scythe off the wall with it. Unfortunately, the wooden poles (made of ash) that the scythes were attached to were still swinging, so the group attempted to just duck under them.

On the other side of the room, there was another locked door. After several attempts trying to pick it open and knock it down, Malouris and Balasar finally combined their strength and barged through the door, sprawling out on the ground in the next room. The room looked like an old, worn-out mess hall. Several startled eladrin were present in the room. One of them went up to Erak and asked what his business was. After the eladrin determined the party was a threat, they started to fight. During the fight, Dawkrah summoned a cloud full of force daggers over 3 eladrin. Balasar then went up to one of the Eladrin in the cloud and growled at him, shouting, “FUCK YOU, MISTER.” An enormous flame then erupted from his mouth, engulfing all eladrin and setting the force daggers on fire. The party slayed many of the eladrin. The last two, named Elron and Belron, surrendered. Erak hog-tied them and interrogated them about the summoning of the demon. The party learned that the demon was being summoned on the top of the tower and all the floors between the bottom and the top were residential. The party left the two eladrin and decided to come back after the demon was defeated.

On the way to the top, Erak gave one bomb each to Malouris, Balasar, Fiddenmar, and Daenerys. At the top, the party saw that 3 eladrin were in a trance around an altar and a large demon was coming out of the sky. The party rushed up and threw their bombs around the altar. Erak also threw the keg, but it fell short. Balasar ran up to the keg and gave it an extra throw to get it onto the altar. After all the bombs were in place, Dawkrah, choosing to put himself in the line of danger, went up close to the demon (while the rest of the party was yelling and warning him) and sent out a burst of sonic energy that detonated all of the explosives, killing 2 eladrin, and severely hurting the last eladrin as well as himself. He then ran back to relative safety. The party all took turns doing their best to destroy the demon. While fighting, Balasar missed a swing at the demon and lost grip of his sword. It was sent sliding across the roof of the tower. The wounded Dawkrah accidentally backfired a frost spell and went unconscious. Balasar threw the last bomb towards the demon, and it detonated, sending the demon careening over the side of the tower. Dawkrah managed to wake himself up and the party celebrated the defeat of the Highborn renegades.



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