Open World Sandbox Type Thing

Drugged, bound, set loose

Our group of heroes wake up in a dank shack, bound together (along with an easily forgettable Gnome) to see Gro-Bhahsh and an unidentified black clad female assassin. (I don’t remember which city…) Grobosch tells them that they all owe him twenty thousand dollars, although the gnome bluffs his way out of guilt. Grobosch has “gifted” them all with Curses or other maladies, each known only to the adventurer it afflicts. After nearly getting in a skirmish with the hulking green half orc due to their arrogance, he sent them on a quest to the Mines of Arenor to retrieve a load of treasure that will pay off our debts. They will be under the watch of The Black Blade for the duration of our quest. Without knowing how to get there on our own, the heroes decide to head east to Faltbail so they can get a map to Arenor. On the way there, monsters approach. Content Not Found: Fiddenmar realizes they are kobolds and the battle begins. They win the battle, but the gnome gets crushed by a rock.



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