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Lorehaven and the road to Arenor

Having defeated the demon, our heroes reap their rewards and then head to Arenor, stopping off at Lorehaven along the way - but not without some troubles

Enriched Arcana, having just defeated the demon at the top of the tower, debate what to do next. The majority of the party agrees to descend to the residential quarters below, but in typical Malouris fashion, the whiny vampire stays up on the roof to get the all clear (since her “rappelling down the tower” idea didn’t go over so well.) They search it briefly, give her the all-clear, then she joins the rest of the party. At the back of the room, Erak notices a dwarven-made battle axe, and takes it. Fiddenmar makes a brief bid for the axe, before realizing it is pure dwarven steel, and not wood. The axe says “for the great glory of Zenduron”, hinting that it is of military make. They also find 48 gold pieces. Fiddenmar gets in a weird huff because he thinks someone called his mom a sapling… but no one did. They all go down another floor, back to Elron and Belron. A long unproductive conversation, both between the tied up twins and the party, leads to no conclusion. The group goes down to the floor of the tower and takes a look at the demon. Jutting out from the large, fiery body of the demon lie a bunch of blood splattered human arms. Woops! Looks like those were the guards. Erak takes out the new dwarven axe he just got, cuts off the head of the demon, removes the horns and puts them in his sack, and secures it to his pack with some rope. With a brief and unproductive debate about what to do with the multitude of dead bodies, having just fought an exhausting battle, they decide to rest for the night in the sleeping quarters of the tower. Dawkrah retires after he uses some minor prestidigitation to clean his pillowcase – the only way a clean-loving adventurer can get to sleep!

Overnight, Malouris’ filth fever progresses and she starts to feel worse. Everyone wakes up and gives a kind greeting, although Malouris is even grumpier than usual. They once again draw up discussion on what to do about the all the dead guards below, as well as with the tied up twin Highborn. Erak and Malouris agree that the best course of action would be to just kill them, but Balasar and the rest argue that another course of action would be best. The conclusion they end up with is to leave them there and let the authorities handle them. That course of action is also chosen for the dead bodies of the guards. Before they head out, they bury Daragwen. The heroes head back to Faltbail. Erak calls for the guards, who stop them anyway when they realize a rag tag band of adventurers is heading towards them with a giant demon head. Erak asks to speak to Belkus Spelloyal, the captain of the guard, which they go do after leaving the demon head with the guards. The citizens of the town were able to see the telltale signs of a massive magical battle going on, and were aware that something had gone down. Spelloyal asks where his men are, so he can revel in victory with them, only to be given the unfortunate news that they all perished in the fight. Spelloyal calls them into his office, an ornate stone room with shields adoring the walls. He pulls out a chest and give them 1950 gold, each, and congratulates and thanks them.

Malouris brings up her current situation (with the filth fever), and asks to go to a local apothecary. They get there and Lorediaana, the half-elf shopkeeper, talks to her in privacy. For the first time it is revealed to Malouris to definitively be filth fever. After a pathetic attempt at intimidation, she buys some vials of the medicine, which she is supposed to take every night. “Always feel free to come back!”. After she’s done, Erak re-enters the shop and buys some health potions. He asks if the shopkeep would have any use for the demons horns. She says no, but mentions that they could be a strong alchemical ingredient. Erak and Balasar remain unable to correctly say Malouris’ name.

They wander into another shop – Dryadson’s General Goods Shop – that catches Dawkrah’s eye, owned by a well-built human man with a ratty, tied beard. He seems to be selling assorted, unrelated objects of interest. The shopkeeper is initially taken aback by Dawkrah’s race. He buys an Everlasting Torch, a torch that is always on and always as bright as a normal torch, but does not actually cause fire. Dryadson offers a bag of holding for half off, which Dawkrah and Erak buy. They also sell off some various curios they picked up along the way, and everyone buys some rations. Dani buys some stealth items, and Dawkrah buys components for Silence and Comprehend Language. Malouris buys five sets of thieves tools.

The heroes head to the town square looking for Jamgold, to tell him about their triumph. Jamgold spots them instantly, and runs up. He says that he fled from the tower when the sky darkened as the battle with the demon began. The heroes eliminated a key element of the Highborn. Dawkrah tells Jamgold the guards may be receptive to helping him out a little bit with his squalor, since he was the one who saved the city, in essence. They say their goodbyes, and then set out west towards Arenor.

Two hours west/slightly southwest of Faltbail, the heroes decide to take a break and search around the area a little bit. Dawkrah stumbles upon the sprawling ruins of an old Eladrin city, possibly from the first age. Eladrin cities tend to have hidden complexity, secret passageways, and the like. Dawkrah sees a staircase, and the group goes over to check it out. He cracks a sunrod and throws it down the staircase and into the tunnel. Ancient elvish tiles with some inscrutable, purpleish-blue characters are lit up leading down the hall way. Erak recognizes that many of the characters resemble the current-day elvish term for “escape”. Dawkrah desires to explore further, but every other adventurer think it’s either a waste of time or a death trap. Balasar thinks it’s intriguing but supposes they may as well move on. It is passed, but not forgotten – Erak marks it down on the map. Erak and Malouris high hand touch. (OOC: this is when high hand touch was introduced by Elliot). They continue moving on.

In the early evening, the area surrounding the heroes becomes less of a plain and more of a forest. As the vegetation goes, so does a rustling sound amongst the trees. Erak looks up into the trees, and sees some spear-wielding, shadowy figures, and lets out a frustrated sigh. They move for a few more seconds, and then they hear the high pitched yelp of kobolds. The battle begins. As they enter battle, they gradually realize there are about a dozen kobolds. They yell to each other wondering if they should flee, but as they get further into battle decide it will be better to just finish the fight. During the battle, Balasar accidentally sets a tree on fire, that gradually spreads to more areas. Dawkrah once again gets knocked unconscious. With only two pathetic kobolds left, Malouris ebbs into a swarm of shadows and devours the two beasts. The party finds a bolt of fine cloth, a fine cloth pendant trimmed with leopard fur, a leather belt with a silver buckle. (worth 232 gold total).

By the mid-evening, they reach Lorehaven, a small town, and walk in, chit chatting. Balasar begins to hint at his curse, since they have clearly all noticed his speaking language seeming to fluctuate to others, but stops when he realizes that he can’t reveal too much. They agree to all spend some effort seeking out someone who can help their curses. Considering the size of Lorehaven, they cut their search short early. People are wheeling around boom boom powder, doing high hand touches, and ordering horse dogs at the tavern. Wait, ignore that. Erak suggests turning in at the local inn, the Blue Cave tavern. It is pretty much a typical tavern, but the sign has a blue cave on it and says “The Blue Cave”. Fiddenmar is astonished at the finely finished cedar doors. Erak speaks to the bartender… she’s named Bradra, and used to be a bard. As usual, he buys a round of drinks for everyone. Afterwards, he suggests they all retire for the night, which they do. Malouris takes some medicine for her filth fever, and starts to feel a little better the next morning.

After they wake up and file into the common area, they spark up a conversation with Bradra. She tells them what the talk of the town is lately: Lord Horden Chorster, the lord of the town who has been becoming more and more temperamental and violent. She claimed that the only fishy behavior was when a strange hooded figure sought audience with human, but that was long ago. The party said they will keep it in mind, but don’t plan to act on it. Bradra mentions that she’s hard that a treasure-seeking half-elf named Marvin is looking for assistance searching some cave, and he hangs out in the market area. The party agrees that, with a guaranteed huge-ass treasure in Arenor, they might as well pass on it. Balasar leads them to a local blacksmith, Mineshadows, before they leave the town. A hardy dwarf by the name of Ollalannin Mineshadow greets them. Balasar presents him the dwarven battle axe and asks how much he could get for it. Mineshadow recognizes that it is of dwarven make, rejoices in the fact, then high hand touches Erak for being a fellow dwarf. The axe… “it can cut the head off any damn goliath.” Erak asks him if he has any family in the thirty third brigade: the shopkeeps sister, Ollanandria Mineshadow, was in it. “It’s been years…” says Erak. ;) Balasar sells off the axe, and they exit the shop.



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