Balasar Blackwing


Fellow Comrades,

I am writing to you all on this cold, quiet night in the inn. I have grown to know you all moderately well, and I feel it is only fair for me to share the story of my life and why I am here with you all.

As you already know, I am Balasar Blackwing. I am a 22-year old Dragonborn that has physical traits that are impressive even for people of my race. A lot of the characertistics that are used to describe my race can also be used to describe me. While I am quite reserved and cold around new people, I am very loyal to those I am the closest to. I am also very strong on honoring traditions and legacies. While I come off as arrogant and narcissistic in conversation, I take war and the lives of others very seriously. While I act like I only care about myself, I often put myself in danger and at risk for the livelihood of not only my family, but also of even the more random strangers. I always see to do what is the right thing to do for the well-being of the masses, with ill regard to the authority, individual greed or threats.

My father was a daring, courageous adventurer, and it seemed that every man of age and experience in the town had an epic tale about my father’s greatness. However, 10 years ago, my father left for a mission with a band of fellow Dragonborn, and he has yet to return. It is rumored that he was last seen in Arenor, however he is presumed to be dead. My dream ever since I was a wee lad has been to continue his legacy and become an awe-inspiring adventurer of my own.

For years, I have trained day and night in athletics and strength so that I could be a force of nature built for any challenge ahead of me. I studied history’s finest warriors and thinkers so I could be strong in mind, soul and body. During these years, I lived with my beautiful mother, my older sister, my slightly younger sister and 7 younger brothers. I became one of the more popular men of the town, and I was surely primed to continue my father’s successes.

However, 5 years ago, my mother and older sister went missing one night. When my father died, my mother lost control of her life, and she mingled with some of the town’s nastiest and most dangerous people. She resorted vasts amount of alcohol and drugs, and this turned me off to the substances for the rest of my life (I vowed to never consumer either, and I have to do this day never consumed either). While, my mother still kept her kids as a priority, but she resorted to unconstitutional means to provide money and nourishment. Her disappearance is likely linked to failure to pay back loans or stealing from a fellow townsman. My innocent sister, who ended up becoming the caretaker of my life, was also kidnapped. My mother was found dead in a distant river shortly after the kidnapping, but my sister has been no where to be seen.

This tragedy forced me to become the provider of the family. Together with my younger sister, we put our past dreams and goals behind us to care for our family. My dream of being an adventurer would have to be put on hold until my brothers were mature enough to take care of themselves. While I worked as hard as I could to provide the best for my family, I was not able to keep a solid profession for more than 3 months time. For the past year, I have been working at a friend’s local tavern as a security man/ bartender. But the money was not enough to supply 8 dragonborn. Like my mother, I had to get loans and do jobs for wicked men so that I could supply my family comfortably. While some of you were shocked to end up in the old shed that day, I knew that I had coming what I had deserved but hoped to avoid.

To recap my life story, I went from being a young prodigious adventurer to an over-worked, demoralized caretaker of 7 children. I made mistakes over the past few years of my life, and I absolutely deserve what has become of me. I wish I was going on my first epic quest on different terms, but I understand that life and fate does not work that way. First and foremost, I am doing this for the safety of my younger siblings. But I am also doing this for me. If I am able to complete this mission, I will be able to finally accomplish my dream and be a noble adventurer that my father would be proud of.

Balasar Blackwing

Balasar Blackwing

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