I remember it like it was yesterday, in my homeland of Karyth…

I was trapped in a tall metal cage along with my friends and fellow slaves Felosial and Mialee. We had grown so tired and hungry from being isolated for going on a full week. Trapped under the hot sun outside of our elf plantation, tensions were growing high. I felt my blood begin to boil as Mialee turned to me and said “You know what to do”. I reached for the cage bars and pulled my mouth to them, and with the force of a thousand suns my teeth passed through the metal and broke the bar in half. My friends stared in amazement. “That’s literally impossible” I hear Felosial whisper under her breath. I bent the bars back and we crept out, undetected by the sleeping guards. We ran, faster than anyone has run before, and when we reached the border fence we knew we had been caught. “They’ve escaped!” the deep, terrible voices scream from behind. Mialee reminds us that she “has a few extra matches” and at once Felosial knows what she must do. She snatches the matches and lights one up, looks at both of us and screams “RUN” as we bolt out of the gate. She chucks the match to the apparently extremely flammable surroundings and the entire plantation is engulfed in flames. All three of us run for miles until we reach a nearby forest by nightfall. A fortnight had passed…

We concealed ourselves in the woods until near night, when I sent them in search of fellow escaped elves Ivellios, Soveliss, Thamior, and Tharivol directed them to rally all they could, at the place where had had our dinner the Sunday before, where they would find me, and I accordingly returned there as soon as it was dark and remained until Wednesday evening, when discovering white men riding around the place as though they were looking for someone, and none of my men joining me, I concluded Ivellios and Soveliss had been taken, and compelled to betray me. On this I gave up all hope for the present; and on Thursday night after having supplied myself with provisions from Mr. Galanodel I scratched a hope under a pile of fence rails in a field, where I concealed myself for six weeks, never leaving my hiding place but for a few minutes in the dead of night to get water which was very near….I know not how long I might have led this life, if accident had not betrayed me, a dog in the neighborhood passing by my hiding place one night while I was out, was attracted by some meat I had in my cave, and crawled in and stole it, and was coming out just as I returned. A few nights after, two elves having started to go hunting with the same dog, and passed that way, the dog came again to the place, and having just gone out to walk about, discovered me and barked, on which thinking myself discovered, I spoke to them to beg concealment. On making myself known they fled from me. Knowing when they would betray me, I immediately left my hiding place, and was pursued almost incessantly until I reached Arenor.

And now I am here, to kick ass and free my fellow elves.


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