A Monk


cloth armor
no weapons


Born to a tribe of wilden nomads Fiddenmar lived happily with his parents Killoren and Wore. most of there time was spent in the forest and they only came out when they needed supplies. but during a trip out of the forest, fiddenmar’s tribe was attacked by bandits. fiddenmar was able to escape into the forest away from harm. since he was very young it was hard for him to survive in the forest on his own. A few weeks later fiddenmar decided it was time to leave the forest and go look for help on the main road. He traveled up the road and but was to weak to carry and passed out on the side of the road. luckily monks from the nearby monastery saw him and brought him back to health. since he had no home to go back to, the monks thought it best to train fiddenmar as one of their own. years later and fiddenmar had grown used to his new home. the monastery had only a few monks but large hearts and accepted fiddenmar for all of his quirks. the monks did have one thing in their possession that they guarded very dearly, but it was unknown what this was even to fiddenmar. word somehow spread of this unknown treasure and a warlord with a small army arrived on the monastery doorstep demanding it. when they refused a fight broke out between them. reminded of his past fiddenmar ran away, but this time it wasn’t successful. the warlords troops caught him and he was soon a prisoner. he was tortured to find out about the treasure, but when fiddenmar told him nothing the warlord decided to keep him around as a pet since a wilden was rare in those parts. often tortured and publicly humiliated fiddenmar regressed to childlike ways as a way to escape his imprisonment. A few years went by and fiddenmar was sold to a man named Gro-Bhahsh as a way for the warlord to pay off his debts to him. Gro dressed and fed him, then he told fiddenmar that he needed to go and pick up a package for him across the city. thinking the was his chance to escape fiddenmar ran for the edge of the city towards the forest. but before he could even get the the edge of the city, he was stopped by a woman in black and was knocked out cold. when he woke up he was tied to a group of people…


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