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The City of Faltbail

The travelers arrive in Faltbail, a large, circular city protected by large grey-stone walls. They determine that there is only one tavern/inn to stay at and decide to go there to rent rooms, but before they do so, Erak tells the party he needs to make a quick stop to pick up an item. At the shop, Erak barters with the eccentric owner(name?) and ends up spending a negligible amount on a bow. Our heroes then move to the inn. Erak talks to the bartender, Brad the Bard, about rumors going around the town and learns that there are some cultists outside of Faltbail and there is a cartographer’s store in the town square. He then buys the party a round of drinks.

The party sit around a table and Erak asks each individual if they would tell the group about themselves. One by one, everyone tells their own background and a little bit about why they ended up tangled in such a dilemma. After Dawkrah declares that he would cover the cost of the inn for the night, the party sets off to buy a map.

When walking through the town square, the travelers notice an elf in distress. This elf is covered in rags and his eyes are darting all around the city. After a brief discussion, the party decides to pick up the map and then talk to the elf if he is still in the town square. The cartographer of Faltbail is a huge orc(name?) with a less-than-perfect grasp of the common language, but he is an excellent cartographer. After some confusing banter, the party buys a map of the region, including the city of Arenor.

Our heroes leave the store and notice that the elf is gone from the town square, but they see him outside of the tavern, strangely enough. Dawkrah decides to approach him and soon learns of a looming danger. The elf, named Jamgold, is an ex-slave trying to warn the city of Faltbail of an impending attack from the Highborn, a group of radical Eladrin that wish the death of all humans. Jamgold says that he would like to enlist the help of Dawkrah and his allies to destroy the Highborn, but it will not be so easy. The Highborn group is numbered at around 30 that are settled into a tower near the city and the rumor is that they are summoning a demon to aid them. The Highborn are apparently set to attack in two days. Dawkrah asks Jamgold if he has any help he can provide and Jamgold states he may have people that are willing to learn how to fight. Dawkrah and Jamgold both decide to discuss the matter with their respective groups and meet in the morning.

Dawkrah relays the information to the travelers and they discuss three options: Leave the next morning, Stay and discuss fighting with Jamgold, Get the authorities involved. Fearing the validity of the rumors, the party decides to meet with Jamgold in the morning to learn more about his network and then talk to the authorities. The party then gets some rest while Malouris keeps watch.

In the morning, the travelers go to the town square to meet Jamgold. After brief introductions, Jamgold tells them that his allies are adept at stealth and can provide information about the layout of the inside of the tower. The party decides to assist Jamgold and take the fight to the tower with the help of the authorities. They agree to meet Jamgold later when they are ready to take the tower.

Our heroes go to the governmental center of the city to meet with the mayor(?). After a guard gives them access, they meet the man in charge. They tell him of the rumor and, although initially apprehensive, he decides to give the party 6 soldiers to help, as well as any that voluntarily want to defend their city. He also agrees that the party can go to the barracks to arm themselves. At the barracks, the party finds some simple arms that will aid them. Erak decides to ask the Captain of the Guard for explosive powder (boom boom dust, if you will) and a few of the group pool their money together to purchase it.

To further his plans, Erak takes the party to the local pottery store. The group meets Harry the Potter and Dara Gwenn (accidentally) intimidates him into giving them containers to make bombs out of the powder.

After all of this, the party meets with the city guards and tells them of the mission. One of the soldiers mentions the boom boom dust to his friend Dale. With a fairly well thought-out speech, Dara Qwenn is able to convince 4 more soldiers to join the fight against the Highborn. The total is now 7 adventurers, 10 soldiers, and a number of stealthy elves.

The party meets up with Jamgold and the entire force sets off to the tower after Malouris makes a quick stop to get rations. The ex-slaves scout out the area outside of the tower and learn that they can sneak everyone inside the tower through the dungeons. The party decides to do just that, hoping to use the explosives to create a diversion, cripple the tower, or both.

The 7 adventurers enter the dungeon and do not see any Highborn, however the movement of Dara Gwenn in her armor alerts a few giant rats. The party fights off the rats and discovers a treasure chest at the back of the room containing more than 300 gold worth of items.

The tower seige will continue next time.

Drugged, bound, set loose

Our group of heroes wake up in a dank shack, bound together (along with an easily forgettable Gnome) to see Gro-Bhahsh and an unidentified black clad female assassin. (I don’t remember which city…) Grobosch tells them that they all owe him twenty thousand dollars, although the gnome bluffs his way out of guilt. Grobosch has “gifted” them all with Curses or other maladies, each known only to the adventurer it afflicts. After nearly getting in a skirmish with the hulking green half orc due to their arrogance, he sent them on a quest to the Mines of Arenor to retrieve a load of treasure that will pay off our debts. They will be under the watch of The Black Blade for the duration of our quest. Without knowing how to get there on our own, the heroes decide to head east to Faltbail so they can get a map to Arenor. On the way there, monsters approach. Content Not Found: Fiddenmar realizes they are kobolds and the battle begins. They win the battle, but the gnome gets crushed by a rock.


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